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Niki at the Corinth Canal in 2006 - she has already been running for 8.5 hours (photo by Andreas Rangoussis)
Nr. 118 - September 2008  
Local Heroes of the Spartathlon
The supermarathon Athens – Sparta, 246 kms long, has been held every September since 1983. The runners do not stop to rest. The whole world participates, but there was only one Greek woman who ran: Niki Chasapi - A Parianí.
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What’s on in September
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos & the Minor Cyclades - September 2008
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Apollo Theatre Syros
Programme of events for the Apollo Theatre (“La Piccola Scala”) for September.
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Water: “Not a drop must be wasted”
An interview with the Chairman of DEYAP, Stelios Frangoulis, and the DEYAP chemist, Irini Triandafyllou, about conservation measures and water quality.
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Monuments of Naxos at Risk
The Drymalia Municipality and MOnuMENTA e-magazine invite you to participate in the public meeting which will take place on Monday 8th September at 7.30pm at the schoolyard in the village of Apeiranthos, Naxos entitled: “Monuments of Naxos at risk – the citizens’ voice.
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The Paros Library will be closed between September 8 and November 21 for an inventory. Actor Billy Zane was spotted at the Cine Astra in Naxos. OTENET merge with OTE. A note from the family of Dimitris Ghikas.
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Conserving Power
Enclosed in your recent electricity (DEH) bills, you will find a leaflet with tips about how to protect the environment by saving on energy entitled “Don’t do something big, do something simple”.
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Myrsini Educational Centre
In March this year, Myrsini Verdouka moved to her brand new educational centre just behind the Paroikia post office; a space specially designed by an architect of schools, with attractive classrooms and a colourful “kid-friendly” environment.
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Recycling Programme Begins!
As you read these lines you may have already noticed the new blue garbage units that are being placed around Paros. These bins are there for us to recycle some of our waste materials – for the moment glass and plastic.
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Paronaxia Arts
Rosemarie Richter, Mette Rosenvinge, Natascha Papadimitriou & Catherina Couninioti, The IPAC Project, Adrian Eisenhower, Michael Alifieris, Fran6 Roger, Frédéric Bootz, Miki, Ulrike Lassen, Giorgos Koutsonasios, Yannis Dendrinos, Apothiki Art Center, exhibitions last month & continuing in September.
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The Aegean Center in Italy
Since 1990, the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, which has been a focus of cultural activity on Paros since 1966, spends its September in Italy, hard at work away from our beloved island. Many Parians, both foreigners and natives, have asked me what we do there and why the doors of our welcoming building are mostly closed then.
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Arts & Jazz Summer 2008
Holland Tunnel Gallery lies somewhat hidden behind the picturesque Aghios Triada Church in the Market Street of Paroikia, yet many art and jazz lovers found their way to the art exhibition and the jazz concerts organized through July and August.
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Exhibition of Traditional Musical Instruments
An exhibition of traditional musical instruments is being held at the newly opened and renovated Dimitracopoulos building in the centre of Market Street in Paroikia.
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Obituary – Herbert Seiler
Herbert Seiler – one of Paros’s great artists – has died. Herbert, a long term resident of Paros, was born in 1928 in Budweis in what was then Czechoslovakia. He began his formal education as a sculptor in 1946 in Linz in Austria.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press for Paros and Naxos.
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Paros Pampering
Life brings many difficult choices. Yet I know I will get no sympathy from Paros Life readers for the dilemma I faced in trying to decide which of the ten types of massage treatments I should try at the Salacia Spa in Naoussa for the purposes of reporting back to the pampering public.
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Workshops at Tao’s
The programme for September at the Tao’s Center including “Light & Colour” with the Norwegian Light Association, “Beyond Karma” with Deva Ambu and “Walking Through Walls” with Nissim Amon.
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Animal Talk
The Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is planning some special events to celebrate “World Animal Day” on 4th October. Tips on how to look after your puppy or dog.
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The “Superbe”: Yet Another Sinking?
175 years ago the French ship “Superbe” sank in front of Paroikia. Will there be any commemoration in December of this event? In any case, if we do nothing, the monument built in 1904 on the headland of the little bay of Delphini (at a spot called Germanika) will itself disappear as a result of erosion, worsened by the speed boats’ backwash. FRENCH VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE - Version française du texte ici.
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Sports Events
Future International Tennis Tournament on Paros, Hashers 30th Anniversary Celebration, the NOP Beach Vollery Tournament and Swimming Competitions.
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Events Last Month
In August, the hottest month of the year, cities are abandoned as the islands and seaside resorts become flooded with tourists looking for a holiday spot to cool down. The season is at its peak and hot weather makes for difficult working conditions, yet the tourism businesses must do their utmost to maintain a high standard of service and offer the kind of hospitality expected in Greece.
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Recent Paros Press Releases
Recent press releases from KETA Notiou Aigaiou, Commercial Associations of the Cycladic Nomarchy, AMEAI Centre, Music Dance Group of Naoussa, Folkdance Group of Naoussa (XON).
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The historical context of the sinking of the “Superbe” ?
Will there be any commemoration next December of the sinking of the French fourth rate ship of the line, the "Superbe", off the coast of Parikia 175 years ago? See the story in “Paros Life”, September issue. Here you will find the historical context of this story.
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Vers un second naufrage du « Superbe »?
Commémorera-t-on, en décembre prochain, le naufrage du vaisseau français de 4e rang « Le Superbe », survenu il y a 175 ans en face de Parikia ? En tout cas, si on n’y fait rien, le monument édifié en 1904 à la pointe de la petite baie de Delphini (au lieu-dit Germanikos) aura disparu lui aussi, sous l’effet d’une érosion qu’aggravent les remous des bateaux rapides.
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