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TO KYMA III in the Bay of Paroikia
Nr. 116 - July 2008  
As the Ancient Greeks Must Have Seen it: Go Sailing!
It is still early morning and the meltemi is already blowing quite strongly. Sails still tied down, TO KYMA – our dapper little 19-ft sailing boat – is pushed into the wind and the steep short seas off the southwest coast of Naxos into the bay of Agiasos by the little diesel engine that purrs away down below.
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What’s on in July
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos & the Minor Cyclades - July 2008
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30th International Guitar Festival
This year’s festival is a very special one, celebrating its 30th anniversary. What began as a meeting of young Greek guitarists in Volos has become one of the largest and most prestigious guitar festivals worldwide.
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10 Things to do on Naxos in July
Caroline Sueess with this month’s list of ideas for what to do on Naxos.
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Festival of the Aegean
A rich cultural programme of theatre, opera, rock, exhibitions and other events will be held on the island of Syros this summer including the annual Festival of the Aegean which will take place at the Apollo Municipal Theatre “La Piccola Scala” in July.
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A “Hot” Summer for Mayor Marakis
On 20 June, we met with the Mayor of Naxos, Nikos Marakis, to discuss some of the pressing issues he needs to tackle.
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Paronaxia Arts
20th Century Greek Packaging Prints Exhibition at CDC Space, Summer Dreams (Oneira Kalokairiou) at Venus Art Gallery, Perantinos Museum of Sculpture seminars, Patricia Sarantinidis Exhibition, Group Exhibition - Athens School of Fine Arts at Galerie Pontoporos, Anezina Village pottery & sculpting workshops.
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Naxos Festival 2008
Organized by the AEON Cultural Non-Profit Organization, the Naxos Festival has chosen as the theme of its programme for 2008 the relationship between art and madness.
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Watermark Photo Exhibition
Dutch photographer Gisèle Aphroditi Lubsen will debut her latest show “Watermark” this summer during her residency at the Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia.
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Hans Ruprecht Leiss Exhibition
Hans Ruprecht Leiss, the fantastical German artist whose exquisitely detailed and whimsical gouaches of fish and fowl often illustrate the recipes of Michelin-starred chef Christian Bind, will be the subject of an exhibition at the Fish & Olive Gallery in Chalki, Naxos.
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Hans Giesen Exhibition
Hans Giesen’s one-man show of paintings and work on paper will be officially opened by the Mayor of Paros, Christos Vlachogiannis, on Saturday 5 July.
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Miltos Michailidis Exhibition
In his latest work entitled “Notes for an Island”, Michailidis is exhibiting five new pieces (mixed media on paper) and one installation in which his impressions of an island unfold.
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Greek Impressions Exhibition (Ellinikes Entyposeis)
Four artists, Ingrid Heidrich-Siggelaki, Franky Ribot, Suzannah and Tässi, will show their work – painting, jewellery and sculpture - at the Hotel Paros Agnanti from 12-27 July.
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“Cosmos” Exhibition
For the 2008 exhibition, Holland Tunnel Paros is pleased to present “Cosmos”. The word cosmos is derived from the ancient Greek kosmos, meaning order or orderly arrangement; in effect, the opposite of chaos.
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The Longest Portrait Exhibition Ever!
Dutch photographer Robert van der Most’s ambitious photo exhibition project “The Longest Portrait Exhibition Ever” will open at 8pm on Tuesday, 15 July with a presentation of more than 750 metres of portraits (2,500 pictures) of people from/on Paros shown along the seafront of Paroikia.
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Grand Slam - Paros Kiteboard World Cup
The Paros Kiteboard World Cup 2008 that took place in Pounda (opposite Antiparos) between 19 and 25 June at the Paros Kite Pro Center, attracted crowds of people who watched the spectacular show and enjoyed with the athletes the various entertainment activities that were organised.
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Tennis “Future” Tournament on Paros
Between 20-28 September we will have the chance for the first time on Paros to enjoy watching a professional tennis competition – the “Future” tournament – where some of the best young rising stars in the world of tennis compete.
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Paros Motorcycle Club
After the necessary paperwork was submitted to the court of Syros, the Motorcycle Club of Paros was formally established on the island.
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Landscape Mountain Boarding
Are you a fan of extreme sports? Maybe you’d like to test your skill at mountain boarding, a sport derived from snowboarding which uses a board similar to a skateboard, but longer and with larger wheels.
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Spectator Sport: George HW Bush in Aliki
Summer holidays spent sailing around the Aegean on the luxury private cruiseship of the Latsis family seems to have become an almost annual event for former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and his family.
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Water Conservation
The local water authority (DEYAP) remind us that restrictions are placed on the use of water during the summer months and that it is specifically forbidden to use mains water for pools, building, gardens, agricultural purposes, cleaning verandas, pavements, roads or using a hose for car or house cleaning.
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Dining Out
This month Lornie ‘n’ Miriam visit the Porphyra Fish Taverna in Paroikia and Galatis Taverna in Naoussa.
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New Summer Traffic Rules
During the tourist season the traffic rules on Paros change, as they do every summer according to the decision of the town council. Be aware of the signs on roads that have become one-way and especially of the strict rules of where parking is now forbidden.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press for Paros and Naxos.
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Paros Pampering
Any kind of pampering session is going to make you better, whether through taking time for relaxation or the boost of improving your appearance. However, one treatment offered by the fabulous Salacia Spa, called Shiatsu, actually has healing and therapeutic benefits.
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Workshops at Tao’s
The programme for July at the Tao’s Center including “Walking Through Walls” with Nissim Amon and “Body TempleRejuvenation Retreat” with Madur and Raya.
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Yoga Teacher Returns to Paros with New Family
This summer Oona Giesen, who lived on Paros from 1997 to 2005 and taught yoga at her studio in Aliki, will return to the island, to stay and live there full-time with her new family.
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OTE Problems?, Your Carbon Footprint, Athens International Airport Website, Mammograms on Paros, Liaison Service for Non-Greek Citizens, Elliniki Etaireia, Nautical Club of Paros (NOP) News, Antiparos President Honoured.
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easyCruise on Paros
Every Wednesday lunchtime the easyCruise Life ship arrives on Paros with at least 350 passengers who spend the whole day and night on the island, leaving for Mykonos at 6am the next morning.
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Animal Talk
A report on the PAWS Annual General Assembly. Announcing the NAWS General Membership Meeting & Elections and August Bazaar.
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Agora (Market News)
3M-Sarris, Ela na Paixoume Playspace, Prasini Fraoula and Anesis Furniture Shop.
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Recent Paros Press Releases
Recent press releases from the Municipality the Commercial Association, KETA Centre for Business & Technological Development, the Eparcheio and the Hellenic Rescue Team.
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Letters to the Editor
A “thank-you” letter from Dr Polyzoides to the medical services on Paros and a letter from Hetzer about the illegal dumping of rubbish on Naxos.
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Road Safety
Paros artist Fran6 Roger will be presenting a series of images in local schools to educate and raise awareness about road safety and try to reduce the number of accidents.
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June Was Bustin’ Out All Over
A report on some of the events taking place last month.
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True North Cultural Learning Programmes
True North programmes help transform tourists into travellers on the island of Paros.
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Music Reviews
Jeffrey Carson reviews the solo concert at the Apothiki Art Center and The Vocal Ensemble of the Aegean Center.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Beate reports on the appointment of the German Honorary Consul for all the Cyclades located in Syros
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