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Nr. 115 - June 2008  
A Rescue Team You Can Rely On
Since 2003, there has existed on Paros a small but efficient Rescue Team consisting of volunteers prepared to face almost any emergency situation on the island and in the wider area of the West Cyclades.
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What's On - Paros
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos & the Minor Cyclades - June 2008
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The New Symposium Writers on Paros
Barely publicized and quietly conducted, the New Symposium on Paros again brought together a sparkling group of writers, all well known, to discuss culture, enact rituals of intercultural exchange, and enjoy Paros – not hard to do in flowery May.
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Dutch Artists on Paros (Pariani Ollandoi)
Five Dutch artists who have been living and working on the island - either permanently or periodically - are showing their work which has been inspired exclusively by Paros at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts this month.
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Brigitte Karavia
Proto Dimotiko Scholio, 16 June - 1 July, Ekatontapyliani Square, Paroikia
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Derek Pegrum "Naxos - the Island of Inspiration"
Town Hall, Chora, Naxos, 22 June-3 July - Opening: Sunday, 22 June at 8pm
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IPAC Artist Profile
Rosemarie Richter, Photographer
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Artist? Artist! - An Experience on a Greek Island
It isn't hard for me to say that I am a family and marriage counsellor, nor is it hard for me to say I am a mother, wife, friend or newly retired academic professor. Yet it is very hard for me to say "I am an artist" and for this reason the provocative title of the art workshop I came upon in cyberspace grabbed my attention. "Artist? Artist!" What was this about?
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Apothiki Art Center
Paintings by Marlena Horak-Adendorff, Photographs by Robert van der Most
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Gaia Dance Project
The Gaia dance shows and Wouter Vandenabeele's violin inaugurated the open air cultural performances of summer 2008 in Paros.
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orangedoor gallery
Group Exhibition, 24 May-end June
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Paros Poetry Symposium
This year The Paros Symposium is co-organized by Greek poets Liana Sakelliou and Siarita Kouka, and U.S. poets Susan Gevirtz and John Sakkis. It will run from June 23-29 at The House of Literature in Lefkes. Evening readings and events are open to the public.
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The Aegean Center Goes Green
"An idea whose time has come" is how John Pack, the director of the Aegean Centre for the Fine Arts described his decision to switch to alternative energy sources. In Paros we are blessed with surplus wind and sun and it is a waste of these resources not to make good use of them.
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Dining Out
Margarita's Restaurant, Ambelas
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Summer Shopping
BBQs at Cook-Shop, shopping for your home and business at SINIALO, all you need for the beach at Internews.
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Been Snapped!
Send us your photo of Paros Life & Naxos Life in action (email to and win a free subscription for one year.
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June Bazaar
A bazaar will take place on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 7/8th June in the gardens of the Buddhist Centre (Paros Sanctuary), Butterfly Valley.
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It's all Greek to me - Paros
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press for Paros.
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It's All Greek to Me! Naxos
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press for Naxos.
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The Aegean Team in Sikinos
The Aegean Team with 14 speed boats and the medical boat "Minas" arrived on the small island of Sikinos on 8/5. Of the 65 passengers there were mostly doctors of every specialty with the mission to perform medical tests on the citizens of Sikinos and to treat them.
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Paros Pampering
Eyelash Tinting with Keren, Manicure and Pedicure with Diana
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Health centre telephone, Polos Tours club, disposal of old computers, ferries in the Aegean, air ambulance, , first aid seminars, the Greek Ombudsman, mobile Phones "roaming" Regulations in Europe.
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Workshops at Tao's
Tao's workshops in June and July.
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Animal Talk
PAWS Annual General Assembly
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During our annual holidays visiting Paros from Holland we always go for a walk after dinner and on the evening of 14th May we passed by the Farangas Beach parking area. Suddenly we heard the cry of a little creature near the garbage container...
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Welcome the latest additions to Paros Life
Recently, Paros Life has received more than a facelift to the magazine, we've also added a couple of new faces behind the scenes. We're pleased to welcome Iris Papathanasiou and Natalie Hatter.
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Recent Paros Press Releases
Recent Paros press releases
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Letters to the Editor...
Twenty years of tradition, the quarry of Marathi.
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To smoke or not to smoke?
About every second Greek would answer positively to the question. This explains why Greece usually ranks either in first or second place among all European countries in the per capita consumption of cigarettes. Statistics prove also that, in spite of the general trend worldwide to reduce smoking, Greece does the opposite.
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Elliniki Etaireia on Paros
The Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage is now represented on Paros since 8th March 2008.
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Last Call!
Mediterranean Dendrology Field Course: Lat few places still available.
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Slimming Tips for Summer
The temperatures are soaring, the layers are being peeled off, and the bright Greek sunlight exposes all the winter's body "insulation", which for many of us is more padding that we would like to be showing in our swimsuits.
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Are You a Brit Living Abroad but Thinking About Coming Home to the UK?
ITVl are making the second series of 'No Place Like Home?' about British Ex-Pats who are considering moving back to the UK.
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10 Things To Do on NAXOS in June
Caroline Sueess's suggestions of what not to miss in Naxos.
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Paros Health Centre Volunteer Team
Now that the summer season has started, our Health Centre Volunteer Team is again looking for volunteers from the international community to act as support/liaison persons for foreign patients.
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Music Reviews The Choral Island
A review on the Festival of Parian Choruses, Tuesday, May 18, 2008.
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Pro Pro Papous
I arrived on Paros for the first time the last week of Summer 2007, and spent those exciting two weeks in Lefkes, in George Pittas' lovely hotel on the lower edge of the mountain village.
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