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Naxos Carnival photo by Caroline Sueess
Nr. 112 - March 2008  
The Roots of Carnival
It is well known that the Christian religion ‘borrowed’ some of its symbolism and ceremony from Pagan beliefs and this is the case with the tradition that we all know today as Carnival or ‘Apokries’, as we say in Greece.
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What’s on in March
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos & Amorgos - March 2008
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The Paros Air Ambulance
Press Release from the Municipality on the recent operations of the Velentzio Air Ambulance.
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Your Invitation to Art Appreciation 2008
A third series of Round Table Discussions at the Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia.
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Paros Poetry
"Just So" by Michael Hockaday. "Solstice" by Jeffrey Carson
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Free Trees Programme to End?
After 26 years of successful operation, the future of the Paros plant centre is now under discussion.
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Paul’s Home Care Service
Paul’s Home Care Services was established in the summer of 2007 with the goal of offering quality house supervision and cleaning service to home owners on Paros.
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Greek Easy Readers
Istros Publications has published a series of five books which are intended for Greeks living abroad and foreigners with an intermediate knowledge of Greek.
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Winter Dance Lessons with Bettina
The Paros Dance Academy invites you to get fit for the coming summer season.
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Family Violence Conference on Naxos
The Mobile Unit of Psychological Health of the South East Cyclades is organizing a conference in Naxos entitled: “The Prevention and Confrontation of Family Violence and Abuse”.
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Folkdance Group of Naoussa celebrates 20 YEARS
Founded in 1988, the XON is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with the release of its new calendar “Kalantari 2008”.
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Winter Weather
High winds and snow in the Cyclades in January and February.
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It’s All Greek to Me! (Paros)
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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AMEAI Pita Cutting
The ‘pita cutting’ on February 3rd at Naoussa’s AMEAI Centre for People with Special Needs and Abilities was a truly joyous affair with lots of ‘kefi’.
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The Velentzeio Air Ambulance of Paros
An interview with the pilot, Evripides Akalestos.
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‘Zeus-ology’ or ‘Life According To Zeus, A Paros Cat’.
Zeus, a cat young in months, but quick in learning, reports on the behaviour and habits of Parian residents. Translated by Sarah Dobbyn.
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Dimos Paros Calendar 2008
This year’s calendar from the Dimos Paros is dedicated to the environment and presents the flora and fauna of the island with stunning pictures by Stavros Niflis and Marios Fournaris.
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The Commercial Association of Paros-Antiparos invites you to a carnival dance on Saturday, 8th March 2008 at the Minoa Centre in Naoussa to enjoy an evening of entertainment with singer Efi Thodiand her eight-member band.
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‘Sky with stars above me’ Literary Contest
The Regional Library in Pardubice, the Centre of Cultural Services and the EU Information Relay, Europe Direct Pardubice, invite young people from all over Europe to take part in a literary contest.
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Happy Birthday Paros Life!
Paros Life celebrates its 10th anniversary with a completely new look and a merger with Naxos Life, meaning a wider distribution and more information than ever!
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Save the Ancient Marble Quarry of Marathi, Negro’s Story.
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Karmic Laws of Relationships
The Karmic Laws of Relationships workshop is a five-day journey with Nissim Amon at theTao’s Center, Ambelas, Paros.
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Chess Tournament Prizegiving
On Saturday 9th February the Public Library held the prizegiving for the winners of the 2nd Chess Tournament.
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Pita, pita, pita!
The Nautical Club of Paros, Panathinaikos Club of Paros & the Paros Tennis Club cut the annual New Year's cake.
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It’s All Greek to Me! (Naxos)
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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