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Prof. Eleni Maistrou presents 'Development & Protection of Historical Settlements'
Nr. 105 - July 2007  
The Future Face of Paros
On the 16th June, the Municipality of Paros and the Federation of Parian Societies co-organised a presentation with the general theme of “Residential development and the protection of the environment and appearance of Paros” at the Nireas Cultural Centre in Naoussa.
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What’s on in July
Schedule of events - July 2007
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Aghia Marina Celebrations
Programme of athletic and cultural events organized by the Community of Antiparos: 14-17th July 2007.
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orangedoor Gallery
Review of painting and drawing exhibition by Hervé François. Announcing July's exhibition by Angelika Vaxevanidou.
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art bits
Galerie Pontoporos, Venus Art Gallery, Anezina Village, IPAC Exhibition "Souvenirs of Paros", Children's Photography Exhibition, Sophia Karamina-Arkadinou Exhibition, Arts & Crafts Market.
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Apothiki Art Center
Laurel Johannesson's exhibition "Thirst" runs July 8-22.
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The Perantinos Museum of Sculpture
The Perantinos Museum of Sculpture is hosting some interesting and important events this summer in Paros.
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Holland Tunnel Gallery
For the 2007 exhibition, Holland Tunnel is pleased to present “Enigma”. An enigma is defined as an inexplicable circumstance, unsolved problem, or mystery. The key to understanding or solving the riddle depends on the ingenuity and alertness of the viewer.
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Fotis Art Cafe
Anton & Maria Grigoriadi will be exhibiting their work at the Fotis Art Cafe in Naoussa from June 30th to October 29th.
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A “Bridge” between Paros and Naxos
The “Paros Meets Naxos” art exhibition held in Naxos Town last month was a major success story in many different ways creating a virtual bridge between the two islands and their communities.
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PAWS Presents “A Concert For Cats”
Barrett Cobb, who has spent June on Paros for many years, often graces us with a concert (usually, she performs in New York City). This year’s concert, on a hot evening, was a benefit to PAWS.
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The Vocal Ensemble of the Aegean Center
The summer solstice is on June 21st, but on Paros the summer really begins when Orfeas, about to start his fifth year of miraculous a cappella music on a Paros more and more receptive to it, leads his choir, dressed in summery white, in its first programme of the year.
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Dik Crum: 21 May 1934 – 23 May 2007
Dik Crum passed away in Amsterdam on the 23rd of May. Dik first came to Paros seven years ago with his wife Angeliki and daughter Floury. It was love at first sight and they bought a restored farmhouse in Glyssidia which they named “Paros Heaven”, and indeed it is a little corner of paradise.
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Her Second Reading
Marilyn Bowering first read at the Aegean Center in 1973. Thirty-four years later, now an award-winning novelist, playwright and poet, she returned to give a second reading.
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Summer 2007 Cultural Programme for the Island of Syros
A rich cultural programme of theatre, opera, rock, exhibitions and other events will be held on the island of Syros during this summer.
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Aegean University Summer School
The department of geography of the Aegean University in association with the Municipality of Paros is organizing, for the fourth year running, the Summer School to be held in Lefkes for the period 16-28 July 2007.
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Dining Out
Cycladic Tradition and Raj Mahal.
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Furnishing Your Home
How and where to find the perfect pieces for your island house.
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Press Releases
Recent press releases from the office of the Mayor of Paros.
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Save The World On July 7th !
On July 7, more than 2 billion people will join together to watch the Live Earth concerts and demonstrate to our leaders that the time has come to solve the climate crisis. Local events are being held on Antiparos and Naxos.
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Dream Estate Buyer’s Guide
Procedures for the Safe Acquisition of Property in Paros.
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AM or PM?, New Activities at Tao's, Music Dance Group to Faros, Naxos Artists, Eco-Architect.
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Animal Talk
PAWS News - New Board, Blog, A Concert for Cats. Animal Welfare Contact Info.
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Letters to the Editor
An appeal to the French speaking community to be more active in contributing to Paros Life.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Katerina Kantartzis does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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Nutrition Tips for Small People: Part 2
Nutritionist Sarah Dobbyn looks at what foods are especially beneficial for your children’s health and optimal mental development.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Beate Beyer's summer newsletter with brief news on the work being done on the windmill and Aligaria Square in Paroikia, the new garbage disposal plant, the air ambulance, the closing of the Olympic Airways office and the new liaison office for foreign residents of Paros.
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Mary’s Wedding
Paros Life cartoonist Mary Godfrey was married to John Greer on May 26th at the Registry Office in High Wycombe, England.
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We are pleased to announce that easyCruise have agreed to carry Paros Life and Naxos Life on board their Aegean island cruises.
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New Traffic Measures
Very large fines are now being enforced for speeding, driving without a safety belt, drunk driving and other traffic offences.
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New Connections
The SpeedRunner II and the Hydro Planes are now running regular services between Paros and the mainland.
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