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Vangelis Papathanasopoulos oversees the installation of the geothermal heating system.
Nr. 104 - June 2007  
The Eco House
A remarkable building project is under way in Isterni where Athenian publisher (of the Kedros publishing house), Vangelis Papathanasopoulos, is using the very latest in eco-technology to build his home on the island.
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What’s on in June
Schedule of events - June 2007
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Advertising Feature
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orangedoor gallery
Following the Hervé François exhibition from 26 May-24 June is a sculpture and drawing exhibition by Angelika Vaxevanidou opening on 30 June.
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Apothiki Art Center
The exhibition 'Tribute' by Platon will run from June 9-22, followed by an exhibition of marble carvings and painting by Richard King and Ellen Shire opening June 25 and a concert by Olla Vogola on June 28.
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art bits
Galerie Pontoporos, Athens IPAC Exhibition, Marble Sculpting Seminars.
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Three Days of Poetry: May 11 - May 13
For three intoxicating days, Paros was swarming with poets, curious creatures, like bees buzzing the flowering lemon orchards.
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Paros Meets Naxos
The “Paros meets Naxos” itinerant exhibition project created by the Art+Art contemporary art consultants-curators, opens on June 1st in Naxos.
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2007 Paros Symposium
This year the Paros Symposium is guest-organized by Greek poet Liana Sakelliou and U.S. poet Eleni Stecopoulos. It will run from June 25th to June 30th at The House of Literature in Lefkes.
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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
A panel of distinguished writers from around the globe came together in Lefkes last month to explore the theme “Justice - One or Many?”
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Art & Crafts at Still Waters
Still Waters at Apandima Beach, Antiparos will be hosting an Art & Crafts Market every second and fourth Sunday during June, July, August and September starting on June 10th.
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Malibu Bar Grill
At the crossroads of Logaras & Marpissa is a brand new business run by Mani and Marisa and offering a completely unique menu for Paros.
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Art in the Age of Ecology (Part II)
Peter Abbs, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Sussex, England, was a guest at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in late March when he gave a lecture on the subject of “eco-poetics”.
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The May IWOP meeting was held at Pebbles in Paroikia and those present put forward their ideas for next winter’s activities and events.
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Health Centre Volunteer Team
Now that the summer season has started, our Health Centre Volunteer Team is again looking for volunteers from the international community to act as support/liaison persons for foreign patients.
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May Day Celebrations
Traditional dancing and a speech on the meaning of May Day were the highlights of the celebrations for May Day 2007 which took place at the stadium of Marmara.
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Liaison Office for Non-Greek Citizens of Paros
In an effort to establish a better and systematic contact with non-Greek citizens and to help them efficiently with the different problems they might face during their stay on the island the Municipal Authority has decided to open a liaison office.
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The Mystic Rose
The Tao’s Center at Ambelas hosted two workshops this spring which were guided by gifted facilitator Ambu from Pune, India. She will return this month and will guide the “Mystic Rose” meditative therapy from 2-22 July.
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Thank You, e-billing, easyCruise, The Parthenon Marbles, New-style Post Office, AMEAI Centre, Awards for Paros Students.
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Life According to Zeus, a Paros Cat.
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Animal Talk: PAWS News
Summary of the General Assembly held in May and the Paros Animal Welfare Society accounts to date.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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Dream Planner
A brand-new company, “Dream Planner”, has been set up by to provide a complete service in organizing weddings, baptisms, conferences, parties and other personal or business events exclusively on the island.
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A Gift to Antiparos
Last month a very special event took place on the island of Antiparos when Charles Hostler, previously Military Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, donated a plot of land to the community.
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Ancient Shipyards?
An archaeological mystery on Paros and Antiparos.
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