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Nr. 152 - Summer 2013  
Come Fly with Me!
Paros is getting a new airport – a project that many on this island have worked hard to realize over the course of many years.
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Schedule of events for PAROS & ANTIPAROS.
Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On
Ongoing Activities
Kids Ongoing Activities
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Schedule of events – AUTUMN (October-November-December) 2012 for NAXOS, MINOR CYCLADES & AMORGOS

Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On Naxos & Minor Cyclades
Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On Amorgos
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Editor's Note
Just in case you haven’t already heard, after 15 years of continuous publication, this is to be the final issue of Paros Life & Naxos Life. 
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Camera Obscura
While visiting Rome last winter I had the opportunity to study several Vermeer paintings in the exhibit at the Quirinale. They were part of a larger show called ‘Vermeer and the Golden Age of Dutch Art’ and although there were some other fine pieces in the exhibit, the Vermeers outshone them. They seem to glow from within and the accuracy of the perceived space is extraordinary. Johannes Vermeer has captured modern interest not only for his dreamy women engaged in mundane tasks but also perhaps due to the mystery surrounding his life.
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New Statue of Nike
The most recently found statue of Parian lychnites marble (coming from the first quarry of Marathi) has a style dating to around 440 BC. The statue appeared in Rome’s antiquarian market, it is without a certified provenance, and is currently being exhibited by the Fondazione Sorgente Group which bought it in their own exposition hall at 132 Via del Tritone, Rome.
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A Case of Mistaken Identity
In another case of mistaken identity... in our last issue we printed a short article about the resolution of the antiquities smuggling case against Marion True which was finally resolved after six years with her complete aquittal.  
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Kourseva: Paros Local Solidarity & Exchange Network
Many years ago, local fishermen in Naoussa came up with a plan to ensure they all shared in the night’s catch, even if one or two of them had been particularly unlucky that night. They formed an association to avoid competition and confrontation and demonstrating their faith and mutual respect for the seamanship and professionalism of their colleagues.  They called their cooperative ‘Kourseva’.
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Saving Our Bees
In the Spring and Autumn 2012 issues of Paros Life & Naxos Life we wrote extensively about the catastrophic damage to the bee population on Paros caused directly by the indiscriminate use of neonicotinoid insecticides to combat the red palm weevil infestations in palm trees.  We also gave details of some alternative methods available for dealing with the weevils.
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All that Glitters is not Gold
On the evening of Thursday 28 February 2013, the peaceful winter atmosphere of Paros was disturbed by the arrival of MPs and other members of Greece’s neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn (GD) who came to Paros to hold their first ‘official’ meeting on the island. In response a large group of citizens, many of them young Greek people, but also whole families of Greek and international residents of Paros, mobilized to protest against fascism, racism and xenophobia.
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Paros Healthcare Crisis
A group of concerned citizens, headed by former mayor Kostas Argouzis, has formed a committee (Coordinating Committee for Healthcare) to address the chronic staff shortages (doctors, nurses and ambulance staff), ensure necessary materials and supplies are available at the Paros Health Centre, and overcome obstacles to getting the air ambulance operational again.
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Suicide Support Helpline 1018
In 2005, Greece had the lowest suicide rate among OECD countries (2.9 per 100,000, compared to 23.7 for South Korea with the highest rate). Though the overall rate is still comparatively low, it has been rapidly increasing over the past few years and it’s now estimated that it may have as much as doubled. Coupled with a significant increase in demand for mental health services and in the number of anti-depressants being prescribed, the psychological impact of the financial crisis is becoming increasingly obvious.
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Why Greece? - ¿Por qué Grecia
"When I was a child, it seemed strange to me that Greece was in the first chapter of every book, whether it was about history, mathematics, or whatever else, Greece was always in the beginning, on the horizon... These are the real landscapes of Greece, a place, a name, which in one way or another has carved its own landscape into the mind of every westerner... Why Greece? Why has Greece penetrated so deeply inside of us? Why, again and again, do all paths lead to her?"
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Animal Talk: PAWS News
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).
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Animal Talk: NAWS News
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS).
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Animal Talk: Donkey Day 2013
Forty donkeys, mules and horses were treated when GAWF (Animal Action) vet Elisa Geskou and farrier Yiannis Vrastianos made their second visit to Paros in April. Their two-day itinerary was coordinated by state vet Nikos Tsigonias who, with his usual enthusiasm, linked the team with the many farmers on Paros who continue the tradition of working their farms with the aid of donkeys, mules and horses.
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Animal Talk: Kids & Animals
Between 20-31 May this year, all elementary schoolchildren on Paros attended lessons in how to care for and behave towards animals under the ‘Living with Animals around me’ programme of the Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare & Environment Federation, approved by the Ministry of Education.
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Paros with Love
The ‘Paros with Love’ guide started as an idea which very quickly became a reality. Our Israeli friend Tsviki Messing came to Paros a few years ago, fell in love with the island and since then tries to spend as much time as he can here. In January 2012, Tsviki and Katerina created a website in Hebrew all about the island, then they thought of expanding the idea to make a travel guide in Hebrew and also in Russian.
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10th Anniversary of Paros Expedition
Ten years ago on 25 May, members of the expedition Pharos-Paros-Pharos in the historic sailing boat ‘Besa’ arrived home to the island of Hvar in Croatia. Modern Stari Grad (ancient Pharos) on Hvar is the oldest town in Croatia and was founded and colonised by Greeks from Paros in 385/4 BC.  The expedition retraced the 700 mile journey taken by the ancient Parian colonists crossing the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas.
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Environmental Observatory of Paros
The Friends of Paros, working jointly with the Archilochos Association and the Hellenic Society for Environment & Culture, have developed an online tool that allows anyone who lives in or visits Paros to report developments with a positive or negative impact on the natural and built environment and character of the island.
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Paronaxia Arts: "New Wave"
After more than 10 years of exhibitions with classical themes and expanding groups of international and Greek artists, Holland Tunnel Gallery is ready for a new, more loose approach. Director and artist Paulien Lethen has invited fellow painters Susan Daboll and Jan Mulder and sculptor Bix Lye, who all have close ties with Holland Tunnel, to share the gallery with her all summer as their art space/stage.
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Paronaxia Arts: Artistic Journey in Paros
This joint effort by the Friends of Paros Association and KDEPAP (the cultural branch of the municipality of Paros) is a continuation of the work begun in 2005 with the ‘Art Map’ created by the International Paros Art Circle (IPAC).
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Paronaxia Arts: “Katharsis”
The Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia opened its doors in May 2003 and has welcomed more than 400 artists from 27 countries for exhibitions, concerts, performances, residencies and conferences. This year, we are proud to announce that we will celebrate our tenth season with the exhibition 'Katharsis' with the new work of Gisèle A. Lubsen.
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Paronaxia Arts: "Souvenir"
Which part of ourselves do we give away when we enter or leave a relationship and how much is kept each time as a souvenir? A souvenir is something that serves to keep alive the memory of a certain place, occasion, or person. In other words, objects treasured for their memories.
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Paronaxia Arts: "Paths of Memory II"
In this exhibition different series of works by Apostolis Zolotakis are brought together. The highlight of the exhibition is the installation of two kayaks, 5.5m each. These kayaks, along with the series ‘Pilgrims’ and ‘Symbols’, refer to very distant times, while the light boxes are dominated by technology. The modern techniques and materials of the works offer the viewers a new and at the same time earthly feeling. The viewer follows the earthy paths of the works through their memories.
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Paronaxia Arts: “Utopia”
“Utopia” Group Exhibition: Apostolos Lavdas, Maria Ktistopoulou, Yiannis Koutsouris, Konstantinos Rammos, Angelos Razis & Angelos Panagiotidis Painting & Sculpture Exhibition at Venus Art Gallery, Astir of Paros Hotel
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Paronaxia Arts: “Three Artists at Porto Paros”
The exhibition presents work by three artists who share a connection with Paros. Jan Mulder, Apostolis Zolotakis and Kelly Athanasiadou.
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